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At Graphica, our rendering services maintain a high level of quality that our clients come to appreciate. We are a 'one stop shopping' site for all your graphic needs. Please take a few moments to explore our site to see for yourself the professionalism we can provide to you with each and all of our services.  CLICK HERE for a PDF Brochure

Elevation Rendering Services

hand-drawnOur specialty at Graphica Renderings is producing the highest quality watercolor illustrations. Graphica Renderings can provide them on time and within your budget.

We work with the client to ensure proper perspective, colors, textures and general feel of the project shows through.  Once we receive the information from our clients, we then produce a rough sketch for approval.  Once approved, it is then brought to a finished linework.  We then add color (if desired) to bring it to the highest quality color rendering.

Visit Our Traditional Renderings Page for example



site plan rendering services

site_renderingsWhether you need a site plan for a single family home, residential community, corporate site, business park, a map of a city, or more, Graphica can help you.

Our popular Site Plan Renderings are digitally generated using multiple layers allowing great versatility. The files can be formatted to be used in printed materials of all kinds, or for using on the web.

Graphica's Digital Site Plan Renderings are valuable in a variety of ways.
  • They are easier to edit and update without recreating the full site image using the conventional method.
  • New sections are flawlessly added once the site design is complete
  • They allow the user to extract areas of site plan for individual marketing purposes.
  • Color schemes can be easily adjusted to match integral marketing material.
  • Clients save time knowing that with Graphica's experience, their project is done right the first time.

Visit Our Site Plan Renderings Page for examples.



Photoreal rendering servicestop

site_renderingsA unique and useful visualization tool is a Photoreal Perspective. We can take an aerial or ground level photograph of an existing condition and show how a new structure or modification would look or indicate material changes. These can be effective tools for marketing materials or for regulatory board presentations.

Architects and Developers can use our Photoreal Perspectives when they need to have their structures visualized by regulatory planning board members. Rather than have an expensive physical model erected, many prefer our renderings to portray 'Before and After' views.

Visit Our Photoreal Perspectives Page for examples.



Elevation Rendering Services

site_renderingsAs an alternative to 3D modeling, Graphica can provide a wide range of elevation renderings both digitally generated and hand-drawn.

These architectural elevations create a feeling of dimension through the use of textures, shadows and highlights, which can be altered quickly and easily to custom match your buyer's preferences.

Architectural renderings can greatly enhance your product for marketing and sales by showing your customer accurate color schemes and textures.

Visit Our Elevation Renderings Page for examples


Corporate Identity

It is widely known that potential buyers are first attracted to purchase something by its look and feel. The identity of your community or business reflects the level of quality of your product and can entice or deter potential clients. If your product is an exclusive, elegant community, you want this to be obvious when someone sees your entrance statement or reads your letterhead.

Let Graphica work with you to develop an eye-catching look for your entrance statement or business that will compliment your product and company.

Visit Our Corporate Identity / Logo Page for examples.




Custom Map Design Services

site_renderingsYou want potential customers to know where you are. At Graphica, we can design a map to suit your needs.

Are looking for a national, regional, vicinity or a location map to attract clientele? We offer a wide variety of maps with a selection of color schemes we've designed. If you prefer specific 'look', we can customize a color palette to suite you.

Custom drawn maps and site plans show the details needed to explain locations or building features without unnecessary information cluttering the image.

Visit Our Custom Maps Page for examples.




Marketing Graphic Services

Graphic Design can greatly impact your bottom line!

Our wide range of skills have allowed us to work with companies to develop marketing brochures and presentations. This includes logo design, charts, collages, graphs, 3D images, etc. Interactive presentations can also be developed.

We produce creative, successful advertising design for magazines, newspapers or direct mail designed to target a particular audience. An effective ad not only attracts the attention of its market but also compels the viewer to respond, resulting in a measurable increase in sales of products or services.

Visit Our Marketing Graphics Page for examples.




Site Overlay services

aerial-viewSite Overlays are a great way to display a development, especially if the surrounding area plays a key role in selling lots or homes.

Show as much detail as you want by adding exact lot lines, roads, water features and amenities. You can even go as far as to have buildings modeled onto each lot as it would sit in the site.

We are always looking to diversify our services. So if you have a unique request, don't hesitate to contact us and we will work with you to accomplish your goals.

Visit Our Site Overlays Page for examples.




3d animation servicestop

Most consumers like to see what they are purchasing before they invest large sums of money. At Graphica, we can design animated architectural walk-throughs to showcase homes without the need to invest a great deal of time or money in building a model home.

At Graphica, we create realistic computer models of the home for your customers' visualization, allowing them to view their new home as it would look upon completion.

3D Models are created from sketches, photographs, and/or CAD files supplied by the client. A wide range of output options are available including large scale renderings, video animations (VHS to D2), internet graphics, interactive CD-ROM's, and virtual environments.

Interior and/or exterior "walk-throughs" from any perspective view point and path are possible. Accurate lighting, realistic shadows, and entourage (trees, furniture, people, etc.) help to increase the level of realism. Final touches can include titling, music, narration and a wide range of special effects.

Visit Our Modeling & Animation Page for examples.




Multimedia Presentation services

Our experience in Web Design allows us to provide extensive brand experience, a wealth of industry knowledge and proven processes. Our team members will work side by side with your corporate marketing department to deliver the results you expect.

Our services span the digital media spectrum with knowledge and experience in everything from corporate web design and development to interactive CD and DVD authoring.

Let Graphica and Sage design an interactive presentation to impress planning board members or a marketing CD/DVD which will give your targeted viewer easy accessible information with a professional look.

Visit Our Web Design Page for examples.