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Architectural Modeling

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Most consumers like to see what they are purchasing before they invest large sums of their money. At Graphica, we can design animated architectural walk-throughs (interior animation) or fly-by's (exterior animation) to showcase homes without the need to invest a great deal of time or money in building a model home.

At Graphica, we create realistic computer models of the home for your customers' visualization, allowing them to view their new home or a new development as it would look upon completion.


3D Modeling is created from sketches, photographs, and/or CAD files supplied by the client. Once the project is modeled, we can then animate it in a number of creative ways to accentuate the positive aspects of your project. A wide range of output options are available including large scale renderings, video animations (VHS to D2), internet graphics, interactive CD-ROM's, and virtual environments.

With interior modeling and/or exterior modeling we can generate endless number of perspectives that would best suite your needs. Accurate lighting, realistic shadows, and entourage (trees, furniture, people, etc.) help to increase the level of realism. Final touches can include titling, music, narration and a wide range of special effects.


Graphica 3D Modeling & 3D Animation