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THE RESERVE - St. James Plantation - Southport, NC

The Reserve site plan rendering

Graphica Site Plan Rendering

The Reserve is a new section being released at St. James Plantation in coastal Southport, NC. They were looking for a quality computer-generated streetscape architectural rendering showing their potential buyers a visual ot this new section before anything was built. They also wanted a hand-rendered feel to soften the image. At Graphica, we are always current with the latest technolgy. With the highest quality filters we are able to produce a wide array of hand-rendered effects from Pen & Ink to Watercolor or Prismacolor. The filters allow for us to go a step beyond this and create custom effects to match existing material or to be a dynamic stand-alone image.

Since these renderings are computer generated, it allows the client to have a more controlled input as the project progresses. Textures, colors, landscaping, background and camera angle can easily be adjusted to suit you. Once the models are in the 3D environment, the possibilities are endless. Hand renderings don't have the same flexibility.

They also wanted a Site Plan Rendering to accompany the Streetscape for their sales team.

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